2014 Recap, Getting Serious with a Coach and a Team for 2015

2014 was a good season for me, breaking PR’s at the 5k, marathon, and 70.3 distances and besting my previous times in almost every race I ran.

The race season didn’t start off great though.  On the drive down to one of the Brinkeroff races I realized I had a flat tire on my bike and we were already running late.  I changed out the tire in the car and put the wheel in the dropout right before the race started. What I didn’t realize is that I didn’t have the wheel seated properly in the dropout and I was rubbing against one of the brakes so hard that the wheel wouldn’t make a full rotation no matter how hard you spun it. That made for a downright miserable race, although seeing Heather cheering along that lonely uphill section certainly helped.  We decided to ride back to Albany from the race and thankfully stopped by Steiners where J immediately asked me why I was an idiot (maybe not in those exact words).  That was a long 50 miles of resistance training.

That bad luck didn’t last long. The next race up was Puerto Rico 70.3 and I obliterated my 70.3 PR by 1 hour and 3 minutes.  It turns out you go a lot faster when you don’t crash during the bike portion and bleed for the rest of the race.

Harryman Aftermath

Harryman Half Aftermath

Without going back through each and every race result, I think it’s safe to say I broke my course record at every race I did. 2014 was a fast year for me. I got a taste of speed and I want more. Next year my A race will be Ironman Lake Placid and this time I’m going for a good time versus just finishing. Fast means coaching and I’ll be working with Andy Ruiz for cycling and running and Josh Wolin at the YMCA for swimming. I am also lucky to have been made a part of the HRRT Tri team which will provide some crucial support.  Looking forward to a good 2015 racing in the green and purple!

Here is a list of random goodness that happened in 2014:

  • New 70.3 PR at Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico
  • 25/824 on this strava segment.  Yes, it’s downhill, but Ted King is in 6th place and he’s not the only Pro on the list. I count it as an achievement.
  • 2nd place AG at Duanesburg Tri
  • 2nd place AG at Greene Y Tri
  • New 5k PR at Teal Ribbon 5K
  • 1st place AG at Albany Falcon 5K
  • 160 miles run in August, almost double my previous best month
  • Mohawk Hudson Marathon (Marathon PR)
  • 2nd marathon in 2 weeks at Marine Corps Marathon

One thought on “2014 Recap, Getting Serious with a Coach and a Team for 2015

  1. It’s weirdly satisfying to compare battle wounds from bike crashes. Glad I wasn’t the only HRRT-er to suffer from some nasty crash aftermath this season. (Goal for 2015: don’t wipe out?!)

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